Micro Trade

What's Micro Trade

Micro Trade is an investment product that traders choose the price movement and settle down the transaction at the chosen time. If client choose the right trend, only 0.001 will earn 80% investment return. Traders only need to consider the movement direction of the implied asset, do not need to worry about margins and other factors. Kiwibull is the only MT4 platform provider of binary option order matching , through the high frequency transmission with international financial market, we can provide client higher return of investment, faster transaction speed. Unparalleled MT4 price matching strategy makes. let you win.

Advantages of MT4

Starting with the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 2008, Micro Trade has been developed rapidly due to limited risk, simple transaction rule and easy to learn .
Micro Trade is flexible, implied variety of products, like gold, crude oil and all the currency pairs are available in Kiwibull platform. Traders only have to choose rising or declining directions of the market trend, set the closing time and when the trade finish, the traders could take the profit.

Other advantages of Micro Trade

Risk Hedging

When traders have open position, no matter win or loss, traders could easily hedge the risk through the variety and timelines of the product.

Limited Risk

Profit and loss is limited at the beginning, traders won't lose money more than investment.

Multiple Product

Kiwibull follows Chicago Board Options Exchange Center product list to issue option contract, providing investment opportunities for traders.

How to trade Micro Trade?

1.Choose trading product, like EUR/USA pairs
2.Chosse duration time, like 1,5,15 minutes
3.Choose increase or decrease direction of market movement
4.Open position, wait for transaction.

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Risk Disclosure: Kiwibull investment products can provide a high rate of return, but also may involve loss of high risk investments, losses may exceed the capital of your account, random opening means increased risk. Before you decide to trade, you need to consider your financial goals, experience and risk tolerance, and suggest that you read our terms and conditions carefully before making any investment. Kiwibull as a global foreign exchange broker, and does not provide any investment advice to the transaction, you should fully understand the importance of trading skills and technology for the transaction.
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